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For the purposes of the service identified and offered through the website www.coremuniti.com, the following definitions are specified:

  • User. It is the person who registers for the service using the performance and functionality of the system. Coremuniti Network. It is the set of subjects who registered.
  • Coremuniti Network. It is the set of subjects who registered.
  • Task. E’ una unità rappresentativa di un lavoro o di una porzione di esso che può essere realizzato attraverso il Coremuniti Network.
  • Data. It is the set of files through which a task can be performed.
  • Client. The user who uses the capabilities and functionality of the Coremuniti Network in order to perform Tasks
  • Server. The user who offers capacity and functionality to the Coremuniti Network in order to perform Tasks
  • Output. It is the result of the Task at the end of its implementation.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Legal Notice

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    Coremuniti s.r.l. strives to provide accurate and complete information on this website. However, Coremuniti s.r.l. does not accept any liability or provide any guarantee of the correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this website. This also applies to all further direct and indirect links on this website. The supplier Coremuniti s.r.l. is not responsible for the contents of websites that are accessed via links.

    Contents of this website are subject to copyright.

    For reasons of copyright, the unauthorized saving and duplication of data and image material from this website is prohibited.

    1. General Terms And Condition

    These general terms and conditions of business are valid between the customer and the company Coremuniti s.r.l. (also Coremuniti or the supplier). These general terms and conditions of business, together with the respective service description for the selected modules, their general conditions and all other conditions apply in the form as valid at the time of contractual agreement and upon their provision to the customer at the time of starting or execution of the first task.

    These terms and conditions of business apply to all future business conducted with the customer. Amendments to the general terms and conditions of business shall be issued to the customer no later than one month after their coming into effect, either by email or post, and shall take effect if the customer does not reject them within one month of receipt of the amendments. In this case the customer is out of our services (Coremuniti Network usage)and he cannot start any further task.

    2. Contractual Conclusion

    All agreements that are met between the customer and supplier for the establishment and execution of the contract – in particular agreements regarding the scope of supply of deliveries or services – must be drawn up through the site www.coremuniti.com

    Through the registration the contract is considered closed.

    The effectiveness of the contract starts from the purchase of credits, from the start of tasks or from execution of a task.

    3. Limitations and Exclusions

    This service is provided "as is" and may be used by you at your own risk. Despite reasonable efforts to ensure that the site is always up to date and does not contain errors or inaccuracies, no warranty or condition (whether expressed or implied) relating to the operation of this service is provided, nor that this service and information, content or materials it contains are always free of errors, completely accurate or updated.

    Coremuniti and its Directors, Employees, Agents, Representatives, Successors and Assignees cannot be held responsible for any damage deriving from or in connection with the access or use of this website or by the applications downloadable from this website or any other website. linked to this site, whether such damages could be foreseeable and if Coremuniti had been informed of the possibility of such risks, including, without limitation, liability for direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages (including the loss of profits, lost savings, business interruption or data loss)

    In order to protect both you and Coremuniti from fraudulent transactions, Coremuniti may provide information relating to the ongoing transactions between you and you only to a third-party organization of proven reputation to carry out checks relating to the address provided. This address verification aims to ensure that the debit address provided corresponds to the one registered with the credit card.

    Coremuniti also reserves the right, at its discretion, not to execute the tasks at certain addresses or users. In the event that Coremuniti chooses not to execute the reasons for this choice will be specified and made available through the user's private area.

    4. Warranty

    Information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Coremuniti disclaims any warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose. In no event shall coremuniti and its suppliers be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential damages, loss of profits or special damages, even in the event in which it is corrupted or its suppliers of the company's suppliers. some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, and in such a case the above limitations may not apply to you.

    5. Performance/Cooperation/User responsibility

    5.1 The user is obliged to collaborate as required by the type of service on which he has decided to operate in full compliance with the description of the service. The user is obliged to provide all reasonable assistance to Coremuniti Network to allow the correct execution of the services.

    5.2 The contents, considered both in the form of Data and Output, for which the user uses the Coremuniti services can be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights. The user must comply with the applicable laws when using Coremuniti services. Coremuniti is not obliged to control user content, as defined above, with reference to third party intellectual and industrial property rights. However, Coremuniti reserves the right to delete, without notice, content that violates the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties and for which Coremuniti has received evidence of such violations.

    5.3 The user is responsible for the correct protection and correct management of the content received from the Coremuniti network. The contents sent by users in Coremuniti network (e.g. data relating to scenes to be rendered) remain of exclusive property of the user who sends them. The other users who perform the tasks related to this data have no rights over them. Furthermore, users who perform the aforementioned tasks must in no way view, disclose or otherwise use this data. Such actions will be prosecuted under current legislation and accounts that do not comply with this directive may be subject to cancellation without notice once Coremuniti has discovered or received evidence of it.

    5.4 The user assumes responsibility for all activities performed on his user account. The user must not disclose his access to third parties or allow his account to be used by third parties. Coremuniti immediately after ascertaining an unauthorized or fraudulent use of a user account reserves the right to terminate it with immediate effect with consequent loss of accumulated credits.

    5.5 Unless otherwise indicated in the description of the service, the user is responsible for the installation of client / server software for connection to the Coremuniti Network.

    5.6 Coremuniti is not responsible for any defective services in the context of the technical activities carried out through the user's devices.

    5.7 Further cooperation obligations may derive from the description of the specific service of the product and / or from the task started.

    5.8. Coremuniti provides users with a data retention time of at least 3 months.

    6. Imperfect service/Service suspension

    6.1 Coremuniti will be responsible for the correct functioning of the Coremuniti Network. In the event of defective services, Coremuniti will work with due diligence to resolve these different services within a reasonable period of time, while it remains entirely clear that Coremuniti is solely and exclusively responsible for the components it produces and on which the Coremuniti Network is based. No responsibility can be charged in the event of malfunctions resulting from third-party components.

    6.2 In addition to the cases mentioned in clause 12, Coremuniti can suspend the service at any time and / or interrupt the user if

  • this is necessary to carry out maintenance work in order to maintain the quality of the services;
  • èit is necessary to respect the official and/or judicial order;
  • the user prevents Coremuniti from fulfilling its contractual obligations
  • use is obviously illegal or improper.
  • 6.3 In order to optimize and improve the performance of the service and technical systems, Coremuniti reserves the right to interrupt the functionality of the Coremuniti Network for the necessary time. In this case, the User will not be entitled to any compensation.

    7. Responsibility

    7.1 For the loss or damage of data and their recovery programs, it is believed that Coremuniti is exempted from any liability as any event is excluded from the liability of Coremuniti this in consideration of the objective circumstance that the user has taken adequate measures precautionary measures, purely by way of example and without limitation such as daily backup of all data and programs.

    7.2 In the event of data uploads (client use case) on the Coremuniti Network, the user is directly responsible for their lawfulness, their compliance with the technical specifications and the property rights on them.

    7.3 The user in the event of data download (when using the Server) is responsible for the safekeeping of the data received and in no case can he disclose it, use it for other purposes or claim any property on it.

    8. Credits, Compemsation and Payments

    8.1 In order to operate on the Coremuniti Network, the user can alternatively either purchase, through the appropriate section of the site, credits or earn them through the execution of tasks (use of Server).

    8.2 The availability of any credit is communicated through the appropriate user area linked to each user account

    8.3 Each credit unit can be purchased in the manner referred to in point 8.1 based on what is defined on the conditions sheet on the site. The same sheet establishes the minimum quantity of credits that can be purchased.

    8.4 The availability of credit is decreased every time the user obtains an output based on the conversion of the output into tasks performed

    8.5 Coremuniti reserves the right to increase the availability of credits (Bonus Credits) in relation to promotional / commercial initiatives undertaken and communicated to the user through emails, social channels and / or other tools.

    8.6 In relation to the purchase of credits Coremuniti issues a regular invoice only and exclusively following the successful outcome of the purchase transaction.

    8.7 The transfer and / or transfer of credits between different accounts is not allowed

    9. Terms for use and improper usage

    9.1 The user is obliged to use the services as defined by Coremuniti and described on the website www.coremuniti.com

    9.2 The resale of the services to third parties by the user is not allowed.

    9.3 The user is obliged to use the services correctly and within the law. In particular, the user must:

  • Do not engage in illegal activities in the context of use and do not violate the property rights of third parties. Coremuniti, in the event of violation of this prescription, reserves the right to inhibit some features of the service in order not to temporarily allow: the saving, access, transmission or illegal or immoral distribution of the contents.
  • Accept the generally accepted principles of data security and in this sense take care to keep usernames and passwords confidential or change them immediately in the event that even suspect unauthorized third parties have acquired knowledge of these elements.
  • 9.4 The user must immediately inform Coremuniti of any changes to his person, his name or title (including the legal form, address, telephone number or bank details) by promptly updating the same data within the reserved area. The user will be charged for any costs that Coremuniti may incur as a result of the failure or culpable delay in updating this information.

    10. Software Copyright

    10.1 The use of Coremuniti Network services requires client software and / or server software that the user can obtain via download as a software package from the www.coremuniti.com website. In this case, the user receives a revocable, non-transferable, limited and non-exclusive (basic) right from Coremuniti to use the client / server software to the extent required for the use of the services of the Coremuniti Network. This software is identified by its own registered trademark with its use license.

    10.2 Coremuniti offers the user the client and / or Server software covered by the contract as standard software. Coremuniti reserves the right to integrate new standards and improve standard software.

    10.3 The software package includes the software covered by the contract, the manual and the online questions and answers for the individual products. The user's Q & A in English as an adequate service is available online at http://www.coremuniti.com.

    10.4 The user can copy the client and / or server software in any case. The required duplications include, in particular, downloading, installing the client software from a temporary storage or original data medium to the hardware mass storage and loading the client software into RAM.

    10.5 The use of Coremuniti Network services is also allowed through third-party client and server software. In this case Coremuniti is exempt from any liability in the event of malfunction / tampering and / or loss of data, meaning the responsibility entirely borne by the user who has opted for the use of this software. The responsibility remains the responsibility of the user even if the third-party software complies with the minimum requirements specified in the specific section on the protocols on the website www.coremuniti.com

    11. Terms/Resolution

    11.1 The contract may terminate by the express will of the user who can proceed with the cancellation of their account at any time through the appropriate function available in the reserved area

    11.2 The contract may end at the will of Coremuniti when circumstances of fraudulent use or use that do not comply with the rules of the Coremuniti Network are recorded.

    11.3 In any case, any positive credit balance is automatically reset to zero and is not subject to any refund

    11.4 Coremuniti therefore has the right to delete the contents of the user in the event of termination of Coremuniti services. The user will therefore no longer be able to access the contents. Therefore, the user must back up his contents as soon as possible before terminating the contract.

    12. Performance stop and optimization

    12.1 Coremuniti will have the right to stop (prohibit) the user in whole or in part from using the services in accordance with the legal provisions. By way of example, the ban must be considered automatic if the user uses the services of Coremuniti Network illegally or in any other way improperly.

    12.2 Coremuniti constantly optimizes and expands its services, which is why services can change constantly. Coremuniti will have the right to discontinue the old services or part of them at any time and without notice.

    13. Dispute Settlement

    In the event of disputes between Coremuniti and the user, the only applicable law is the Italian one. If any part of the above provisions should be null and void for violation of mandatory laws, any other provision must not be affected by this circumstance. Coremuniti and the user will therefore replace the aforementioned invalid condition with the valid one that most closely approximates the will of both parties. The user accepts that the laws of the Italian Republic are the only ones governing the commercial relationship between Coremuniti and the user himself. The user also accepts that, for all legal disputes, the exclusive jurisdiction lies with the Court of Cosenza - Italy, unless this is prohibited by current law.


    Content disclaimer

    The contents of our web pages have been produced with the utmost diligence. However, we are unable to accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness and currentness of their contents.

    As a service provider, we are responsible for our own contents on these web pages. However, service providers are not obligated to monitor any external information conveyed or saved by them, or to research such information in order to check for illegalities. According to general laws, obligations to remove or block the use of information remain unaffected by this. Yet, this form of liability only takes effect from the point at which knowledge of a definitive legal infringement actually exists. As soon as we become aware of an illegality, we shall remove the pertinent content immediately.

    As a service provider we are in no way responsible for the content present on devices defined as clients and / or servers belonging to members of the network. Network members are aware that accessing the system in any case could cause damage to the devices and in this circumstance we are not responsible for any damage.


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    Data protection

    Hereby, it is explicitly prohibited to use the contact details provided in the legal section for the purpose of submitting unsolicited advertisements and information by third parties. The operators of the website reserve the right to take legal action in the event of receiving unsolicited advertising material, for example spam emails, etc.

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