Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to reduce the waste of resources by optimizing the use of computing power underutilized by users. Activities such as writing, reading, surfing the web, listening to music,... employ less than 30% of the CPU of their devices which could be used simultaneously to do other things.
This unused resoruces would be used by other users that would avoid wasting others for their activities thus greatly reducing costs and time. Indeed, the sharing of computing power by all members of the community, allows to create a system with unlimited potential.
The Coremuniti project is the expression of a new philosophy and innovative use of computing power where, the reduction of waste and the sharing of resources among the members of the community, are elements that contribute to the realization of a much larger project which is that of a more sustainable world.

Green Policy

The Green Policy adopted by Coremuniti, with the aim of proceeding towards a more sustainable development, takes the form of the following actions:

  • Type and characteristics of the company and product/service
  • Adoption of an approach aimed at continuous improvement (PDCA)
  • Diffusion of "green" culture within the organization
  • Involvement of our partners in this policy
  • Recognition of "green" values in the market in which it operates

Social Responsability Policy

Coremuniti has developed its own "Code of Ethics" with the aim of defining its approach to business in a responsible and sustainable way. These responsibilities extend to the community and the environments in which it operates, the staff employed, the business partners and society in general.

This translates into the following important points:

  • We are committed to conducting business with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.
  • We have integrated ethical values within the strategic business vision for the management of social and moral issues.
  • We support and contribute to raising awareness of social and moral issues.
  • We respect the legal requirements defined in our country.
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