What's the Coremuniti?

Unlimited Computational Resources

The Coremuniti project, that is to say “Cores Community”, was born from the idea of creating a sharing community based on the underutilized computing power of users.

Through Coremuniti software it will be possible both to offer your own computing resources to the community, and to use those of other members to speed up your projects.


Blender Rendering at Lightning Speed

Mozaiko is the first Coremuniti product designed for those who work with 3D graphics and need, for their renderings, large computational resources at very low cost or for free. Currently, Mozaiko supports all the creations developed with Blender's Cycles engine but will soon support a wider variety of software!

Coremuniti Server

Share Your Unused Power

Using Coremuniti Server you can share your computational power with other community members.

You will be able to share your PC computing power simultaneously with your normal activities, with a simple click and in a safe way.

Speed up your renderings now and free becoming a Coremuniti Tester!

By becoming Coremuniti Tester you can render your Blender projects quickly and for free
and share your unused computational resources (i.e. CPU or GPU) to earn credits.
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