The Coremuniti Network



The Coremuniti Network

Unlimited Computational Resources

The Coremuniti project, that is to say “Cores Community”, was born from the idea of creating a sharing community based on the underutilized computing power of users. Through Coremuniti software it will be possible both to offer your own computing resources to the community, and to use those of other members to speed up your projects.

Basic idea is to create a peer to peer (P2P) network in which significant savings can be obtained on execution times, costs and energy in a simple and safe way thanks to the cooperation between users. The system is composed of Client and Server modules that allow users to execute their tasks using network resources.

The Client module takes care of split the original big task into smaller portions and to send them to network users. The server allows to share idle cycles of your CPU.

Therefore, the execution of projects takes place by the users of the network. Coremuniti Network does not use standard and centralized server farms allowing an high economic (over 80%) and energy savings in addition to being resistant to technological obsolescence.


The system is based on credits. A user who wants to execute his projects faster (e.g. rendering) spends credits, while a user who makes available his hardware resources earns credits.

Mozaiko is the client module that allows to send and manage rendering projects and it is compatible with the 3D rendeing engine of Blender: Cycles,

Coremunti Server is the server module and allows to earn credits sharing part of your resources (CPU, disk and memory) at the same time as carrying out your normal daily activities. Just think, in fact, that activities such as writing or reading files, surfing the web or listening music, take less than 20% of the CPU time of your devices which can therefore be used to do other things at the same time.

Come Funziona Coremuniti

Why use the Coremuniti network?

  • Speed up your renderings now and free becoming a Coremuniti Tester!

    By becoming Coremuniti Tester you can render your Blender projects quickly and for free
    and share your unused computational resources (i.e. CPU or GPU) to earn credits.
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