About Us


Coremuniti is an innovative startup, spin-off of University of Calabria, operating in the field of advanced ICT operations .
Coremuniti developed an high performance computing system based on a peer-to-peer network with the aim of reuse the underutilized computational resources. This solution is suitable both for single professionals and for companies with an underused machine park.
In the era of the sharing economy Coremuniti aims to offer a reliable, equitable and efficient solution to the problem of access to large computing resources. Who really fully uses their CPU at 100% when the pc is turned on and powered? Nobody... Because the CPU works on times impossible for humans, in practice it is bored to interact with us and its average use is around 30%. And in the remaining time? The CPU runs idle, so why not give it something to do? This is the spirit of Coremuniti, to create a meeting point between those who have resources to offer and those who need them. So anyone who has computational time to offer can be rewarded, while those who need other people's calculation time pay a very small fee. Why do you get this benefit? Simple, the computing resources are shared by users and therefore it is not necessary for Coremuniti to purchase expensive hardware.
A nice plus, isn't it? What are you waiting for? Join us!
Mozaiko is the first specialized plugin developed by our company which allows you to make complex 3D Rendering in minutes using hundreds of computers connected to the network. Mozaiko is a word that comes from Esperanto to show the universality of our system for each operating system and for each category of users.
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